Non-profit organizations can raise money in an environmentally friendly manner.

How it works… It’s simple!

Your organization sells $10 Lake Mary Car Wash & Oil Change Gift Cards! For each gift card sold, Lake Mary Car Wash will donate back $4 to the participating organization.

For example: Each of the 30 members in your organization sells 10 gift cards during the sales period. This totals 300 gift cards sold. Lake Mary Car Wash will donate $4 for each of the cards sold so your organization will receive a check for $1200.00 (300 X $4)… It is that simple!

The program at Lake Mary Car Wash has environmental benefits as well, many car wash fundraisers take place in parking lots where the soapy runoff goes directly into the storm water runoff system, which goes directly into our local lakes. At Lake Mary Car Wash we filter the runoff and dispose of it properly into the sewer system for treatment.

Give us a call to get started (407)333-3200.