Window Tinting

If you’ve already decided to get your windows tinted and are looking for a professional installer in the Orlando area, then look no further, here’s why you should consider us for the job:

  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Most vehicles tinted in about an hour

The Benefits:
Car window tinting is one of the best ways to improve the look of your vehicle. It adds style and elegance to the appearance.

In the event of a broken window, tinting film protects the occupants of the vehicle from flying glass by holding shattered glass in place. All our tints provide you with this protection. Furthermore, all our tints offer 98% UV light rejection.

Heat and Light Rejection:
Depending on your selection of tint, up to 65% of the Sun’s total energy can be reflected away from your vehicle. If your vehicle is fitted with air-conditioning this should provide savings on your fuel and running costs. Not only that but tinting can reduce interior fading and help maintain the value of your vehicle.

Among the products we install are security films, which will hold up against accidental breakage and vandalism.

Increased Privacy:
Window tinting provides you with improved privacy depending on your selected shade of tint.

If you’re considering Car Window Tinting and want to know more about the advantages (and there are many), please contact Martin Tucker at (407) 257-0064.